Visiting The Fairfax & Favor Holt Store

On Saturday 30th November 2019, I visited the Fairfax & Favor flagship store in Holt, Norfolk for the first time.

Having previously never visited Holt, aside from the Rugby club, I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to kill two birds with one stone and take a look around the town and pop into the new F&F store whilst I was there.

About two weeks prior to visiting Holt, I entered an online, Instagram competition to win a £400 Fairfax & Favor gift voucher held by @mudonmymulberry and two days later, I was announced the winner, I was gobsmacked! From then on, my spare time was filled by browsing the Fairfax & Favor website to see what I could spend my voucher on. Since they were released, I fell in love with the Boudica boots. They were sheepskin-lined and leather, a shorter version of the Imperial Explorers but with the added feature of the lining. I knew a couple of people who had purchased the boots themselves and been wearing them for a little while so I asked them for their review on the boots before settling on them and both friends couldn't sing their praises enough. I was worried that these boots would be too chunky on my feet and look more like dealer boots but they assured me they were not clunky feeling at all so that was settled, I would be getting those boots provided they had my size in stock.

Anyway, we bring it back to present day and I'm on my way to Holt with my mum and brother. He was back for the weekend so we decided to integrate our trip to the F&F shop into a day out to Holt to spend time with him. Fortunately, Holt is only a 30-minute drive from where I live so it was a quick trip there, especially as we were laughing and joking on the way, time really does fly when you're having fun.

We arrive at Holt at around 12pm, park up and head off to the main street where we spotted the Fairfax & Favor flags flying high. Holt had their Christmas light switch on at the start of November so the street was beautifully decorated with twinkling fairy lights lining the eaves of each store.

We decided to start at the end of the street and work our way in so that meant, Fairfax & Favor was up first. As we entered the store, we stepped upon the F&F iconic logoed, blue doormat and was welcomed by the delectable scent of new leather. The inside was decorated with shelving and cabinets showcasing every colour option available in each range of products from loafers to Chelsea boots and tall boots to handbags. In the centre of the store, there was a table decorated with a vase of flowers and two jewellery stands from which hung every tassel colour option available.

What the store previously looked like when it was first opened but displays have since been redesigned. Photo: Brittany Woodman.

There were a couple of customers whom of which were being served by the two staff members so I took the opportunity to have a browse at all the items in the flesh. I spotted the Boudica boot and tried on a pair, they felt lovely, so comfortable and the sheepskin lining wasn't thick or restricting. I walked over to the standing mirror to see how they looked on me and to my disappointment, as suspected, they looked huge on my feet. My mother and brother both agreed with me and the verdict was, these boots would not be coming home with me.

I was dishearted and didn't know what to do. I was curious to try on a pair of the narrow fit, tan suede, Regina tall boots to see how they would look on my legs, I wasn't sold and I hadn't come into the store with the intention of buying a pair of tall boots.

We decided we would leave the store, for now, to give me a chance to clear my head, view more of Holt and we would return later. We headed down the street and popped into a couple of shops, one being the famous Bakers & Larner of Holt and a Joules shop next door but one.

After having a giggle around town, I felt ready to return with the determination of getting a couple pairs of tassels I had been eyeing up and give the Madison crossbody bag a look.

We reentered the store and this time were greeted by another member of staff, this time a man who was very keen to help in any way he could and referred to me as 'Madam' which I thought was rather corteous, after all, we were in a high-end store and expected the quality of the staff to reflect the quality and price of the items being sold.

I asked if I could take a look at the Madison bag which was beautifully displayed in one of the cabinets and he handed it to me. After trying it on for size and having a good look at it in all its glory I was sold and requested to have one. He advised me that the one I had in hand was the only one in stock in the store and I said I didn't mind, it had only been on display for 24 hours and was of course in perfect condition. That was one thing in my shopping basket.

On the other side of the wall was another display cabinet which had the Canterbury purse in tan on display, it was handed to me and I was able to have a good feel for it, it was a lovely purse. Another item in the basket.

Last but not least, I wanted two pairs of tassels, one of which I was sure had to be the Forest Green, the other I wasn't 100% certain. I knew I wanted a pair of blue tassels but with 8 shades to choose from, I needed to be sure which ones I wanted. It was settled, the Petrol Blue was the colour I wanted.

There I was, shopping bags in hand and with the gift voucher handed over, I was now the owner of two beautiful items I had no idea I would love so much before visiting the store and two pairs of tassels.

One thing that I learnt from my experience visiting the Fairfax & Favor store was that you really need to take a good look at all the products in person to know whether you like them or not. As discovered from my experience, you may even take a look at an item that you'd never have given a second look to previously and find yourself falling in love with it. I sure did.

If you're ever in the area, do pop in and see it all for yourself. What I would say though is that if you were planning on making a special trip just to visit the store, I'd suggest just visiting a Fairfax & Favor stand at your next local country show.

I hope you enjoyed my review on my trip to the first ever F&F store and do let me know if you visit it and how you found your experience.

Much Love,

Jazmine x