My Fairfax & Favor Collection

Hello and welcome back to Jazmine's Country Journal!

Today I am sharing with you all my Fairfax & Favor Collection. It's quite small in comparison to others who own F&F and mine are all items I bought for everyday practical use and are items I truly love.

Handbags & Purses

I'm going to start off with the smallest item which is The Canterbury purse. This purse is actually discontinued now which is such a shame because I really love it. This purse has a separate compartment for coins and one for cards/notes. It's a really lovely little purse that's part suede and part leather.

Following on nicely is the bag that this purse fits perfectly in and that is The Madison.

This bag is a mini, crossbody bag with a leather chain strap and gold studded feet. The bag is also part suede and part leather and the strap is the perfect length to allow the bag to sit comfortably on my hip.

The Madison is still available to purchase and comes in tan and chocolate croc print. Mine is the tan but I would say it's more chocolate in comparison to my other tan items. Mine has withstood a lot of use and the leather is very hard-wearing.

This bag is the perfect size for carrying the essentials but no much more. It's a good size so you can't overfill it but not big enough to carry a lot.

Details of this bag, there is a separate slot on the back which is large enough to comfortably hold my iPhone X. Inside the bag there is also a separate compartment.

I can't really rate this bag enough, it's the only bag I've been using since purchasing it. I love it!

The other bag I have is The Pembroke. This was the first Fairfax & Favor item I purchased but having said that, it's the item I use least. It's once again mainly suede with leather detailing and gold studded feet.

The Pembroke is a very slim and sleek bag and isn't much bigger than the Madison. This is a very convenient size for me if I need something a little bigger than the Madison but still nothing huge. This bag also comes with a leather chain strap plus two grab handles that fit comfortably overarm but not big enough to wear on the shoulder. It has a full-length zipper and internally it's separated into two sections, each with smaller compartments.

You can read my full review and unboxing of The Pembroke here.


Moving onto the main event - footwear!

I only have one pair of F&F shoes. I have had others in the past but have since sold them.

The pair of boots I have are The Regina. These are the most classic Fairfax items you will see across social media and I believe are their best seller.

Mine are flat in tan suede boots but you can get them in flat or heeled, a choice of calf widths and in various colour options such as black, chocolate and navy.

The unique thing with F&F boots that everyone loves are the interchangeable tassels. I regularly wear out my khaki green tassels but if you don't like the khaki, F&F have made tassels in every colour you could think of.

I have only a very small collection of colours, Mustard Yellow, Baby Pink, Red, Petrol Blue, Forest Green and the original tan tassels that came with my Regina boots.

I also have a pair of hair-on-hide tassels from Sprawling & Osborne which you can buy here. If you would like cowhide tassels but with the Fairfax shield on, you can buy those here.

Along with the boot tassels, I also have a mini handbag tassel from previous owning a mini Windsor which I loved but didn't get the practical use out of.

The Windsor is available in two sizes and multiple colour options.

Caring for your F&F

The thing to note with all F&F items is that they each come with their own personalised dust bag. I keep my items in their dust bags when not in use to keep them protected and looking their best.

All my F&F items have been Liquiproofed. I have the travel kit which you can buy from F&F or on Amazon but you can also buy all the items in the kit separately in full size. Liquiproof protects your leather and suede items from water, stains, etc. The technology in this protectant makes liquid bounce off your suede and doesn't alter or damage your item in the process.

So that's my collection! I hope you've enjoyed this little insight, if you did and you want to be kept up to date with future content from me, you can sign up to my newsletter at the bottom of my website.

Do let me know what your favourite F&F item is whether it's from my collection or your own by leaving a comment down below.

Much Love,

Jazmine x

All opinions are my own and are my honest review. I am in no way associated nor endorsed by Fairfax & Favor. Photography, wording and opinions are my own.