Entering The World of Agriculture Pt. 1

It was suggested to me by a friend that I should do a blog post on my journey into the world of Agriculture as someone with no experience or background in the field so I have decided to make it a series on my blog with many parts keeping you updated on my Journey! Welcome to part one.

I think I first fell in love with the agricultural world back in late 2016 and have tried to surround myself with it as much as possible, making friends with farmers and following many instagram accounts! It's hard to remember how I felt back then now that I know a lot more than I did although there is still so much to learn and I don't think I'll ever stop learning.

When I was first starting lean towards the idea of pursuing a career in Agriculture I was in a weird position at work and moved around in the company I worked for an awful lot but I now realise that it was other peoples input and guidance that pushed me into these roles and not really what I wanted. I previously tried to get into college last September but I didn't have much support in the decision so decided against it but in that time I've become a much stronger individual in making my own decisions and to follow my heart and my dreams for my future.

Only in the last 5-6 months did I receive the support I realised I needed in order to make these choices, sometimes you just need someone to give you that push to really do something about it. This particular person was a colleague at work and I could talk to her about everything, how I was feeling and what I wanted to do but just couldn't do and she encouraged me to just go for it, she said to me on multiple occasions that it sounded like I was obviously extremely interested in Agriculture and what was really stopping me? Nothing. I was just wasting time because it was finally a decision that I was making and it was daunting and scary to think about quitting my job and to go back to college.

Originally, I was looking into University courses and I've never been very dedicated to education as I never knew what I wanted to gain from it all so I didn't make any choices to carry on in further education but fortunately, I realised just in time. Anyway, so I was looking into uni but through all my research I decided/realised it would be more sensible to complete a Level 3 qualification at college before going to Uni. This is definitely a wise choice as this will not only help me if/when I go to Uni but this will also help me to be certain that I want to work in the Agricultural sector.

So then I went onto researching courses at college and which one would be most suitable for me and I ended up applying for Level 3 Advanced Technical Extended Diploma in Agriculture which I have been accepted onto and due to start in September. I am still on the hunt for a work experience placement and I will keep you updated on my situation and I hope this has helped or will help someone in the future who's thinking about making the leap!

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Jazmine x