Entering The World of Agriculture Pt. 2

I've realised that whilst I've been updating all my followers on Instagram, I've been slack on the blog about how I've been getting on in the agricultural world so here's an update for you...

Not much in the way of lifestyle has changed, I'm still trying to find a job on a farm, I've not had much luck but I've not given up! The main thing that has changed is the level of knowledge and experience I have gained at college about everything from the scientific parts of a plant to learning how to drive a tractor, it's really been amazing so far and I've met such great people along the way.

Since starting college I have learn't to drive a range of tractors cultivating, rolling and sub-soiling and also learn't what piece is what under the bonnet of said tractors. I've also carried out a range of veterinary related activities on ewes from Sponging with Chronogest CR to vaccinating with Betamox LA and aside that I've regularly wormed and vit/min drenched the ewes. When I first started college I went into livestock practicals thinking I really hope we didn't have to do too much sheep work but right off the bat our lecturer informed us that we would all be getting involved in the lambing weekend in March no matter what and pretty much every single lesson since then we have worked with sheep and I'm getting to like them more and more. Even though they cause a bit of trouble because you have to do so much to look after them, they're actually really easy going and nice animals. Along with sheep, we have also done a small amount of work with the cows and pigs which involved weight the cattle and cleaning out the indoor pig unit which I must say was pretty vile and I did not feel safe in with those pigs😂.

Another thing that's happened most recently is that I and a couple of other students from my level group have been selected to be on the college judging team and attended Smithfield Market in Peterborough at the end of November and along with that to get us prepared for the mystery challenge that no one is aware of what it is (including our lecturers), we will also be making a visit to an abattoir in a few weeks time which I'm hoping to blog about.

As you can tell since starting college I have already received some fantastic opportunities and learn't so much and along with all of this, my social life has become something else I never expected it could do, I've recently joined my local Young Farmers Club which has been really cool and have just gotten involved in this social circle that just keeps expanding and really making me open up and be more confident.

The fun part about college I didn't expect to be fun is actually being the oldest in my class. Being out at work for over 2 years straight from college really changed me and gave me a lot of social skills and I've been able to bring that confidence and skill with me to college and that's helped when talking to the lecturers and my fellow class mates. I'm super confident to just outright ask a question about anything and half the time it helps the other students too which I think they're thankful for. When I was in high school I was never really excepted in any social circles and never really made friends with anyone so I also felt I would go through my life being the odd one out but college has shown me that since leaving school I've become my own person and people like me now and I'm making friends. It really has been an amazing experience so far and I can wait to see what the future holds in every way.

My next update shouldn't be too long a wait but if it is, I'm sure it'll be so worth it.

Much Love,

Jazmine x