Hello, August!

Happy August Everyone! I really don’t know where the year is going, I feel since lockdown hit, I’ve lost 3 months of the year to the abyss and it’s kind of scary!

Anyway, August is here and so I thought I would sit down and have a good chat! I feel like I had put a lot of pressure on myself to make my blog posts about something in particular and in turn, I had almost lost the enjoyment of blogging altogether so I’ve decided to take a step back from all that and just enjoy writing and chatting to you all.

I’m currently writing to you all from our A-frame bench in the back garden, the sun is shining and it’s the hottest day of the year yet. Rocco, the family dog is sprawled out on the lush green grass, squinting at the sky, enjoying the summer heat.

I have an iced coffee on hand which has been my go-to refreshment over the summer months and something I can easily make from home. If you’re an iced coffee lover such as myself, I will be putting up a “how-to” on how I make the perfect iced coffee.

So let’s catch up...

I started back at work on the 4th of July when the pubs reopened (I work in a pub) and I’ve found since reopening, it's not taken long for the customers to come back, however, it is really only at its busiest over the weekends. I prefer the much slower paced lunchtime shifts so that works very well for me.

In the meantime when I’ve not been at work I’ve discovered a newfound love for cleaning the house. My first project was blitzing the kitchen and it's gone on from there. I’ve been making my way around the house, room-by-room, giving each area a thoroughly good clean! This is something my mum never has the time for being a full-time worker so I’m pleased I can do this for her and for myself.

Aside from cleaning I’m of course spending a lot of time at the stables with the ponies. In case you didn’t know this either, both myself and my mum have our own ponies. My mum's pony is a 22-year-old 14hh Irish Cob called Boots and my pony is a 15-year-old, 13.2hh Cob called Hobo. Neither names chosen by us but they suit them both to a tee.

During lockdown, myself and mum gave ourselves a fun DIY project which was to buy 4 plain jump poles and paint them ourselves. This was such a fun project which we both loved and completely chuffed with the outcome. With our shiny, new flatwork poles, we spend the last couple of week in June getting really into our flatwork and making very good progress with a little fitness plan we had created for ourselves. Unfortunately, my mum was called back to work in June/July and we’ve been unable to keep up our riding and back to only having the time on the weekends. Nevertheless, we are still loving our poles and I think it may have been the best thing to come out of lockdown!

Speaking of achievements during lockdown, I have been learning French every day since the first week or two. I’m currently using the Duolingo app which I’ve been using on and off since 2016 but it’s only really been this year that I’ve been dedicated and fully committed to daily learning. It’s an extremely easy app to use and is very successful in teaching you a language. At the time of writing, I currently hold a 78-day streak!! It only takes a minimum of 5 minutes a day to go through a lesson and you can learn as little or as much as you like each day. As you can tell, I really can’t praise this app enough!

I think I’ve spewed out enough words for one post but I’ve thoroughly enjoyed this! I’ll be sure to do it periodically when I have events to report on and have a catch up with you all!

Be sure to send me an email, comment on this post or contact me on social media and let me know how you’ve been getting on and what exciting things have happened since we last spoke!

Speak soon and much love,

Jazmine x