My Daily Routine | Lockdown Edition

I thought I would share my daily routine with you all after reading Chloe Bucknell’s and being inspired to write up my own. I found it really interesting to read about her routine and how different it is from mine, you can read her blog post here.

Along with so many others, I’ve have been furloughed during the entirety of lockdown, so it’s given me all the time in the world to play around with my daily routine as I have no work required to complete every day.

I’m fortunate enough to still be living at home with my parents and my mum has also been furloughed with me so I’ve had company - I think I would have gone a little stir crazy if she wasn’t!

I’m also very lucky to have my own pony as you may or may not know so he has been my motivation every day to get up and leave the house. We were easily able to put social distancing measures into place at my stables so that was ideal too!

Now you have a bit of a background on me and what my situation is, let’s get into my daily routine.

0730 – 0800 am Wake up and have a cup of tea which my mum kindly delivers along with being my personal alarm clock.

0830 Get ready to leave for the stables. I don’t tend to have breakfast until I come back from the stables. I just can’t eat before 10 am!

0900 Go to the stables and put my pony Hobo out into the field. If he stayed out in the field overnight then I will poo pick the field but if he’s been stabled overnight, I will muck out his stable.

1030 Roughly the time I leave the stables if me and mum don’t get caught up chatting to one of the ladies up there!

1045 Get home and put the kettle on straight away and have some breakfast. Me and mum will normally sit down in front of the tv and stick on an episode or two of Heartland before lunch!

1200 Lunchtime! This can vary really depending on how hooked we are into Heartland so lunch can really be anytime between 12 and 1 pm. Normally watch another episode or two, oops.

1400 French Lesson! Since around the 3rd or 4th week of lockdown, me and mum have been learning French every day. We love the Duolingo app and have been using it for years. I really look forward to doing 15 minutes or so of French every day and I genuinely think it’s been improving my memory!

1430 From now until 5 ish really me and mum both do random odd jobs around the house to do to get off our butts for the afternoon, but it doesn’t really always pan out very well. Lockdown has made us lazy!

1700 Around this time we’ll head back to the stables and get the boys in if they’re coming in or take them a net of hay if they’re staying out.

1800 - 1830 Back home. This would be the time for me to do my daily workout or if it’s hair wash night, I’ll do that instead before teatime. I'll also make myself a Gin when I get in before dinner is ready. My go-to at the moment is Bullards Dry Gin with lemonade and lots of fresh lime!

1900 Teatime! Me and mum have been trying more recently to have a weekly meal plan so we know where we are with food stock. We’ve even been keeping an inventory of what we have in the chest freezer after every food shop!

2000 On a Tuesday night we have a family quiz so that’ll be from 8-9ish but if there’s no quiz now would be the time I take Rocco, our dog, outside to do some obedience training. Rocco gets really restless around/after teatime so taking him outside to make him concentrate, listen and run around at full speed really wears him out mentally and physically for the evening.

2030-2100 Chill out before bed. I’ll either put something on from Netflix or catch up on my YouTube subscriptions around this time. I may even work out again if I feel like it.

2200 Bedtime! I’ll get ready for bed around this time by brushing my teeth and washing my face so I feel relaxed for bed. I have recently set up “downtime” on my iPhone which restricts access to all apps after 10 pm. This has been working majority of the time but I’m terrible for turning it off for 15 minutes on Snapchat until the next thing I know it’s 11 pm! I really need to sort this out though because I’m noticing my sleep is being affected by this and I’m feeling groggy when I wake.

That’s it! That is my daily routine for the most part. Of course on the odd day, I will go for a ride on my pony, go to the supermarket for the weekly shop, or whatever random activity I decide to throw into the mix!

I would love to hear about your daily routine during lockdown so please do share if you blog yourself or just let me know on social media.

Don’t forget to follow me on Instagram @jazmineinthecountry as that’s where I tend to post daily updates to my story about my random antics!

Lastly, I hope you’re all keeping well during this time and continuing to stay safe and taking all necessary precautions when leaving your homes or allowing friends into your gardens.

Speak to you soon!

Much love,

Jazmine xx