My Life in Lockdown

Here we are, a few days away from having been in lockdown for a whole month. Can you believe it because I sure as heck can't!

I must admit the weeks have seriously flown by and all the days are merging into one but to have been isolating from our normal lives for a whole month seems absolutely barmy. Although now I suppose this is the norm, we've done it for so long we've lost touch of what our lives used to be and are creating a new daily routine for ourselves.

I read an article this morning on The Telegraph and it really made me think. It discussed life after lockdown and trying to do all the things we used to do without giving a second thought about before doing so. Can we go back to normality when this lockdown is lifted? Will we ever be able to touch a public handrail again? Will we be too afraid to jump on a train or catch the tube? It's going to be so bizarre I think that'll be a whole other period we're going to have to go through and deal with and I'm really not looking forward to it.

I'll admit lockdown hasn't been too bad for me, it's had its ups and downs of course but all in all it's really not been too bad. It's been relaxing to just chill without feeling guilty for not doing something productive every minute of the day. In all fairness, I've part way through a 1000 piece puzzle, read a fair few chapters of my current book, given my bedroom a bit of a spring clean and I've even started working out more regularly. Albeit I've had a week off but I'll be back to it by the time you read this post and it's made me feel so much better. They say exercise is good for the mind, body and soul and I can believe it. Just make sure you do it safely and don't overdo it if you are going to give it a try! Alongside that I have also been continuing riding my horse as and when I fancy it. I know it's a bit of a sore subject within the equestrian industry but we take precautions regularly and if you go about it safely I don't see the need to stop - plus it's great for mental wellbeing and a chance to get some fresh air!

By the start of next week, my room will be full with flat-pack furniture from IKEA for me to sink my teeth into and build which I am very excited to do and will be sure to share the results with you all over on my Instagram as I know we all love a bit of redecoration.

Anyway, I hope isolation isn't treating you too badly and if it is, make sure you reach out to all your friend and family for a bit of social distraction. If that it's available to you either then be aware that my inbox is always open to you all if you need a listening ear, some advice or just a cheering up, give me a shout!

I'll speak to you soon, hopefully with something much more exciting to talk about and don't forget to follow me on Instagram if you don't already, I'm fairly active on there and that's where you can keep up to date with my daily isolation shenanigans.

Stay Safe Everyone❤️

Much Love,

Jazmine xx