Rydale Cable Knit V Neck Sweater Review

I was recently contacted by Rydale to review one of their products and with the weather quickly turning, I thought the best choice would be a cosy jumper! I've been after a jumper to wear over shirts for some time but never really too keen on buying online as I hate feeling bulky and would need to really try it on before purchasing but the Cable Knit Sweater from Rydale is these most comfiest jumper I have worn over a shirt EVER.

My jumper is the colour Mulberry which is perfect for the Autumnal colour scheme coming into play at the moment but it'll also be perfect for the transition through Winter and early Spring. There are 15 different colour variations for the V Neck but less colour options for the crew neck and at £29.99 you really can't complain. For such a reasonable priced item you get such great quality. You can buy this jumper here. I have a couple of shirts also from Rydale and these look great under this jumper. The V Neck style is really lovely and I definitely prefer it over a crew neck.

The 100% cotton fabric is ever so slightly stretchy. They are a relaxed fit but if you're after a more form-fitting sweater, select a size down.

The cable knit design is really beautiful and can add detail to the most simplistic outfit and what I really love about this sweater and Rydale in general is that their logo isn't in your face or over the top and blends in quite nicely to the sweater. One of my niggles is that a lot of brands make their logos too big or fancy and it just ends up ruining the looking of the clothing item but Rydale have done it right. I personally love to style my shirts with dark blue jeans, polo belt and a pair of brown boots and popping this sweater over the top adds another layer to my favourite combination perfect for the cooler months.

I recently wore this jumper out in the cold under my overalls at college working with the sheep and it kept me super warm. I was also wearing a Rydale shirt under it and it didn't feel bulky or uncomfortable. I actually can't wait to wear this jumper again and get it in many more colours. I cannot recommend this jumper enough and seriously suggest you take a look at getting this one if you're now shopping for your Autumn/Winter wardrobe or just in need of some more jumpers now that Autumn is well underway.

I hope you found this review helpful, I was not paid for this review but was kindly sent it by Rydale to tell you all my honest opinion on it.

Much Love,

Jazmine x