The Animals!

So aside from being a Joules obsessed equestrian as you may have already gathered from my previous posts I am also a huge animal lover. I am definitely one of those people who think animals are so much better than humans. There, I said it!

Firstly, I will mention my little pooch Poppy. She is a 15 year old terrier cross poodle type! We rescued her around 6 or so years from one of our yard owners at a previous yard we kept Boots at. I won't go into detail on how badly she was treated as no one likes hearing about a poorly treated dog, certainly not those who love animals.

Poppy is a little slow, she's never been a 'typical' dog in the sense of playing fetch or chasing you round the garden. Every now and then she gets a new lease of life and has a mad moment which entails her to chase you around the house and get all excited. She's about 95% deaf and I'd say around 60% blind. There's only a certain distance she can see you from to know who and what you are. Bless. You can often see her staring at the washing machine or a wall. She really is away with the fairies but compared to her previous life, she couldn't be happier.

On the 15th July, we lost our 13 year old Collie x Lab Millie. She was the perfect dog. She was our first family dog and she was a beaut. I've never loved an animal so much in my life. To those none dog obsessed this might sound silly but she was part of the family and felt like a sibling rather than a pet. She was my best friend. I like the phrase "A house is not a home without a dog" because it's 100% true. I loved my girl and I'm so glad I was with her in her final minutes and I was the one who noticed something was wrong straight away. I can tell you all about the story of Millie in another post and she really deserves a whole post and I don't want to make this one sad.

Millie taught Poppy how to be a dog. She may have been intimidating and a bit of a bully to Poppy sometimes but that was just Millie's lack of patience. Poppy learn't how to clean herself, where to go to the loo outside and to not go indoors. She never picked up the knack of playing but Millie wasn't very sociable to other dogs anyway so she was actually really good with Poppy considering.

On to the Horses! Or as I occasionally like to refer to them as, The Gee Gee's!

Boots and Hobo, The Blues Brothers and Burberry Twins are a few of the nicknames our inseparable duo are called. Boots is mums pony who we have had for around 9 years. He is a 19 year old, piebald, Welsh Cob. Hobo is my pony who we have had for 5 or 6 years. The time flies so quick it's really difficult to be certain! Hobo is a 13 year old skewbald cob. Our little cheeky chaps are the highlight of our mornings and evenings every single day. There is nothing better than hugging a horse when you are down in the dumps! If I've ever had a bad day at work or am feeling a little sensitive, I know as soon as I open the car door onto the yard all my troubles have vanished. These fellas really do bring joy to my day and hold very special places in my heart. I've been fortunate enough to be brought up with the equestrian lifestyle and I wouldn't change it for the world!

Love my animals!

Fun fact about me, I actually completed a qualification at Easton College in Level 2 Animal Care. The dream qualification!

Thank you for reading and I do hope you enjoyed reading about my loves.

Much Love

Jazmine x