What's in The Garden?

Hope you all had a lovely weekend! Over my weekend I headed out the backdoor with my DSLR for some nature shots.

Thought I would have a photography session in the back garden and see what changes Summer brought over the past couple of months.

My outfit

Top - Ariat Pink and White striped polo

Jacket - Topshop Grey zip up Jacket

Gilet - Sherwood Forest Reversible pink gilet

Jeans - Dorothy Perkins Blue Washed Jeggings

What I found

Blue skies, fairly clouding and somewhat breezy

The beautiful views from our garden!

Cooking apple tree that is rotting through. The apples appear every year but we don't use them. All the tree is good for these days is for the wasps, worms and for holding up the bird house! The bird house is currently unoccupied but it usually isn't! Wrong time of the year I suppose.

My little herb garden! Parsley, Tomato Plant, Mint, failing apple tree and rhubarb!

My tomatoes are doing so well! I'm so proud of myself

My gorgeous new Joules Field Wellies in Olive Green

 The amazing amount of holes the worms have left in all these leaves

Strange looking tree!

Beautiful white rose at the front of the house

and a pretty coral pink one too!

Purple Budleia. These ones are so much smaller than last years!

These hydrangeas were once blue as you can see in my Welcome To My Blog post but this year they are almost faded looking and the colour has almost be drained from the petals but it still looks beautiful!

I have the week off this week so hopefully be able to catch some sunrises and sunsets and some more nature shots.

Have a great week and I will speak to you again soon!

Much Love

Jazmine x