Wreath Making w/ Lichen & Berries🌿

Last week I was contacted by the wonderful Lichen & Berries who are a UK small business that create and sell wreaths, including a wreath kit for you to create your very own personal wreath.

They reached out and offered to send me one of their kits for me to build and share with you all so on Friday last week, that's exactly what I did!

The kit itself came well packaged and presented. The contents were wrapped in tissue paper and the inside of the box was hand stamped with a flora and fauna themed print.

I was very excited to fold back the tissue paper and see what goodies were included in this kit and straight away, I was greeted with the wonderful scent of oranges! As you can see from the photo below, the box was filled with many different varieties of plants.

Our living and dining room is currently undergoing a renovation so I had no hard surface to work from, this meant I was working from my bedroom. Using my initiative, I decided to lay the box out flat and use that as my surface! This worked perfectly so in a way, the kit includes a work surface too if you're struggling for space like I was!

Once I had the box laid out and the Christmas playlist on, I separated all the contents into groups and brought up the instructions on my phone which were sent to me by Lichen & Berries.

The first step was to wrap the moss sheet over the wreath frame and secure this with the floristry wire that came with the kit. The moss was damp so this came in a separate bag to avoid anything else getting wet in transit.

Now I had my wreath base ready to rock and roll! This was when the fun really started!

Following the instructions, I laid out my first layer of fir and secured it with the wire (photo on the left below). The instructions stated no order to layer each plant section and I had no idea which branches to lay down first but this is all part of the fun of making your own wreath personal. The ideas are endless!

I then chose to add the lighter green ferns on top of the first layer.

Next, I added the holly branches, spruce-fir cones and the orange/lime slices! I secured all of it with the wire aside from the fruit slices which I chose to glue on.

The below image shows how my wreath ended up. I was really pleased with how it looked and I found the instructions extremely easy to follow and the whole experience very enjoyable.

Final image of wreath

This was my very first time making a wreath so I had absolutely no idea what I was doing or what I wanted it to look like at the end but the whole process made my first time very stress free!

I would highly recommend checking out Lichen & Berries Etsy store to purchase one of these kits yourselves. However, if crafting is not your style, you can also purchase a ready made wreath which has been made by Lichen & Berries themselves. There are a variety of wreath styles to chose from and they're all very reasonably priced. This Christmas kit is £25 (excl. delivery).

You can view their Etsy store by clicking here and make sure you follow them on Instagram too for wreath inspiration and to see more behind the brand!

I hope you have enjoyed reading about my wreath making experience and I too hope you will be building your very own wreath this year.

Thank you so much once again to Lichen & Berries for gifting me this wonderful kit.

If I don't speak again before Christmas, I hope you all have a wonderful time even with all that's going on currently!

Speak soon and much love,

Jazmine x

*Disclaimer - I was gifted this item in exchange for online advertisement. My opinion on the whole experience is completely honest.