Morris Richardson Watches Unboxing & Review

Today I have something gorgeous to share with you all. As you'll have guessed from the title, I am showcasing a Morris Richardson Watch today. This along with all my other blog posts is not paid nor sponsored, this is just my personal opinion and all my decision to share this with you.

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Anyway, back to the main topic of this post, my new watch!

The watch I bought in particular was the 36mm Osbourne in Sterling Silver. The name of the watch is actually the name of the strap as these are interchangeable. Everyone of Morris Richardsons Watches have the same watch face just a different strap. The mens and the ladies watches are themselves identical just different sizes. The Ladies is a 36mm whilst the Mens is a 40mm.

There are 7 choices for Mens and 12 choices for Ladies which I found very interesting as I've always seen a watch to be more of a mans thing and would assume that there would be a broader choice for the men. The Osbourne (brown leather) and Chequers (black leather) are available for both the Ladies and the Men, just different watch face sizes.

All straps are made from Harris Tweed except for Osbourne and Chequers which are made from Italian Calf Leather.

There is a choice of Silver or Rose Gold for both Men & Women in both the watch face and the straps.

Each strap is named after a different Country Estate in Britain. Here is a list of the different straps;



I decided to buy the Osbourne strap as I really want more brown leather items and I knew I would be able to wear it with absolutely anything. I will definitely being buying either the Howard or Chatsworth next as these will also look great as part of any outfit.


The watch arrived super quick! The estimated delivery was 3-5 days but I actually received it in 2 which I was super impressed with. The package was signed for and in a very protective jiffy bag.

The watch was presented in a beautiful logoed box. The box was very strong and would have protected the watch through transit very well. Upon opening the box, the watch was tucked in tightly into a sparkly layer of foam.

Both the watch itself and the strap are absolutely gorgeous and really great quality. The strap is made from Italian Calf Leather and is really soft. As aforementioned, the straps are interchangeable so you can change up your style whenever you like!

Hope you enjoyed this blog post and don't forget to check out Morris Richardsons' website to read more about them and get one for yourself!

Much Love,

Jazmine x